Affordable Housing

The world of affordable housing is constantly changing according to markets and Government policy.  Clients find themselves working in this field, often as a result of apparently unrelated activity, such as office development or asset management.

U.L.L Property provides AGENCY DISPOSAL SERVICES in relation to new or existing affordable housing.  This extends to advising clients on the optimum mix and tenure in relation to individual sites, and tailoring the product to meet local market requirements.  We also advise on pricing, as well as deal structure in negotiations with Registered Providers, which helps clients forecast their income streams.  We also advise on detailed contract negotiations between developers and Registered Providers.

We further advise on the negotiation of SECTION 106 AGREEMENTS with local authorities, helping to ensure they meet the requirements of Registered Providers and do not unnecessarily restrict value.

We act as EXPERT WITNESS in planning appeals in relation to economic viability and affordable housing.

U.L.L.  are DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS, and as such provide services to Registered Providers and Local Authorities seeking to develop site for residential and mixed use.

Richard’s 25 years’ experience in the development of affordable housing and Andrew’s specialism in valuing affordable housing land and assets makes U.L.L. ideally placed to advise clients on their obligations and ambitions in this area.

If you have any questions regarding affordable housing, why not give us a call?

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